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We have many properties to choose from ! Below are the qualifications and documents needed for all tenants, to the right are buttons for a list of available properties and tenants websites !


1-   Income must be at least 3x amount of rent Net

         (Bring Home)( Income Must be from job  no

          government assistance, no section 8) 

2-   No evictions ( second chance leasing on Certain               Properties with certain stipulations) 

3-   NO Violent Criminal Back Ground

4-   Two Years of good Rental History

5-   All deposits must be paid before you take     

       possession of the property. 

6-   Valid Drivers License

7-   NO Bankruptcies

8-   Must have current landlords contact information

9-   NO aggressive or loud dogs  

  • Pet deposit will be required for each pet. 


         ( Click to Down Load ) 

* Please Write Legibly 

* Can NOT fill out App Online


Rental Application

Proof of Income 

Copy Of Drivers License

Deposit Notice

$35 App Fee 

Pet Agreement

Inventory Condition Form

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